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    Crafted for Perfection: Meet the Orion PJ – The Ultimate Pulse Arc Welder for Permanent Jewelry Artists

    Tailored for the PJ Artist: The Orion PJ was meticulously designed and meticulously built, with permanent jewelry artists in mind. When it comes to fine chain welding, working in remote locations, and managing your cables effortlessly, you won't find a more perfect fit. The Orion PJ offers an ideal energy range for permanent jewelry welding, equipped with intelligent energy control, extended cable lengths, and cable management features that make working in pop-ups and other remote setups a breeze.

    The Perfect Energy Range: With the Orion PJ, you have an energy range spanning from 1 to 15 joules. This extensive range empowers PJ artists to handle very delicate chain work at the low end and confidently tackle situations demanding more energy than usual at the high end.

    Precision at Your Fingertips: The Orion PJ allows you to fine-tune your energy levels with half-joule increments. This precision is invaluable when working with various types of chain, allowing you to create flawless welds. For instance, when 4 joules are too much, but 3 joules fall short, setting the energy level at 3.5 joules delivers the perfect amount of energy for impeccable results.

    Extended Stylus Cord: An elongated stylus cord simplifies anklet work by reducing the effort needed to reach a customer's ankle. The Orion PJ comes standard with a three-foot stylus cord, offering greater reach than other Orion models. Moreover, you can opt for an extension cord to extend the electrode up to nine feet from the power source.

    Effortless Cable Management: For your convenience during pop-ups and remote events, the Orion PJ's stylus cord can be completely disconnected from the power source, making packing and transport a breeze. With the cord detached, the Orion PJ fits snugly into tight packing spaces.

    Customized Aesthetic: Permanent jewelry artists can personalize the Orion PJ's software background to match their brand and mood. A simple touch of a button lets you choose from nine different background colors, allowing you to align the welder's look with your unique style.

    Digital Touchscreen Control: The Orion PJ boasts a bright touchscreen display, measuring 2.83 x 5 inches with a resolution of 272 x 480 pixels. This digital interface enables you to control all welder functions with a simple touch, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience.

    Safety Locks: Safety is paramount, and the Orion PJ provides two essential features to prevent accidental energy discharges. The Weld On/Weld Off button serves as the primary safety feature, prohibiting welding when turned off. The Lock button allows welding but restricts energy adjustments while in lock mode.

    Certified Safety: Most Orion permanent jewelry welders carry ETL and CE certifications, ensuring a commitment to safety and compliance with rigorous standards. Your reputation and your customers are shielded from unexpected energy surges that could jeopardize their safety or your professional standing. ETL certification encompasses ASME, ASTM, ANSI, CSA, NFPA, NOM, NSF, and UL testing.

    Unwavering American Quality: All Orion permanent jewelry welders are proudly crafted in the USA. When you invest in an Orion permanent jewelry welder, you invest in top-tier quality, safety, and support for American workers.

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