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Introducing the Zapp Plus™: Your Enhanced Entry-Level Permanent Jewelry Welder

The Zapp Plus™ takes entry-level permanent jewelry welding to the next level with increased power and an advanced stylus. Proudly made in the USA, it boasts an extended energy range, removable stylus cord, 3-year warranty, and a host of other features to support your jewelry-making endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Expanded Energy Range from 1 to 30 Joules, Adjustable in Single-Joule Increments
  • Advanced Stylus for Superior Welding Results
  • Removable Stylus Cord with Stylus Extension Capability for Anklets
  • Argon-Ready for Cleaner, Stronger Welds
  • US-Based Customer Service for Reliable Support
  • Easy Learning Curve for Seamless Use
  • Utilizes Premium Orion® Tungsten Electrodes
  • Backed by a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Priced Starting at $1,299 USD

An Extensive Feature Set:

1-30 Joule Energy Range: The Zapp Plus™ offers an extended energy range, adjustable from 1 to 30 Joules in single Joule increments. With this capability, you can effortlessly close any jump ring or chain, make jewelry repairs, and even craft your own jewelry designs.

Advanced Stylus: Equipped with the same advanced stylus found on Orion permanent jewelry welders, the Zapp Plus™ guarantees superior welding results, enhancing the quality of your creations.

Stylus Extension: The Zapp Plus™ allows for the extension of the stylus cord by up to nine feet, thanks to the Sunstone stylus extension cord. This feature is perfect for creating anklets or other jewelry pieces requiring extra reach.

Longer Stylus Length: The Zapp Plus™ comes standard with a 44.25" tip-to-tip stylus cord, the longest among all welders, providing you with greater flexibility.

Argon Ready: The Zapp Plus™ is compatible with various argon sources, including the Argon Mini, ensuring cleaner and stronger welding results, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Premium Electrodes: With the Zapp Plus™, you benefit from the use of premium Orion tungsten electrodes known for their consistent welding performance.

Built by Experts: Sunstone's in-house engineering team possesses decades of cumulative micro welding experience, making the Zapp Plus™ a symbol of dependability and expertise.

Perfect for Beginners:

As an entry-level welder, the Zapp Plus™ empowers you to establish your presence in the world of permanent jewelry and grow your business. When the time is right, you may consider upgrading to an Orion permanent jewelry welder, such as the Orion PJ, which offers enhanced power, precise energy control, advanced safety features, and customization options. The Orion PJ is the professional welder preferred by countless permanent jewelry artists.

The Low-Cost, Advanced PJ Welder:

Building upon the success and trustworthiness of the original Zapp, the Zapp Plus™ offers double the power and an advanced stylus. Designed and manufactured in the USA by an engineering team with years of micro welding expertise, this welder ensures safe and reliable service.

With the Zapp Plus™, you can wave goodbye to the worry of unintentional shocks to yourself or your customers due to an unsafe welder. You won't need to modify a stylus to avoid unwanted electrical disturbances. The Zapp Plus™ is a genuine permanent jewelry welder, backed by Sunstone's 15 years of micro welding experience, making us the ultimate micro welder experts.


What's in the Box:

  • Zapp Plus™ Permanent Jewelry Welder for Beginners
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Cord
  • (3) 1 mm Premium Electrodes
  • 7' Argon Tubing
  • Orion Welding Stylus with Detachable Cord
  • Shaded Safety Glasses
  • Precision Ground Clip
  • Standard Alligator Clip
  • Metal Welding Practice Card
  • Stylus Holder
  • Your Choice of Optics with the "Famous" PJ Kit
  • Comprehensive Operator's Manual

Zapp™ vs. Zapp Plus™:

The differences between the Zapp™ and Zapp Plus™ are as follows:

  • Energy Range: The Zapp Plus™ offers an energy range of 1-30 Joules, while the Zapp™ features an energy range of 3-10 Joules. Both models are suitable for permanent jewelry applications.

  • Stylus: The Zapp Plus™ employs an advanced stylus for enhanced welding, whereas the Zapp™ uses a budget stylus that provides satisfactory welding results.

  • Stylus Extension: The Zapp Plus™ allows for a stylus extension cord of up to nine feet, suitable for anklets, while the Zapp™ lacks this option.

Zapp Plus™ vs. Orion PJ™ and Orion Mpulse™:

Orion represents Sunstone's professional line of permanent jewelry welders. The Zapp Plus™ was designed as a beginner's welder, priced to facilitate the initiation of your permanent jewelry business. As your business grows, you may consider transitioning to the Orion line of permanent jewelry welders, which offer increased energy control, enhanced power, greater precision, advanced safety features, and customization options.

Zapp Plus™ Advantages Over the Competition:

  • Removable Stylus for Maximum Extension and Portability
  • Advanced Stylus for Enhanced Welding Experience
  • Energy Dial for Swift Energy Selection
  • Choice of Optics to Suit Your Needs
  • Made in the USA, Ensuring Quality
  • Expert Design and Manufacturing
  • Sustains Welding After Tens of Thousands of Welds and Beyond
  • 5-Star Customer Service for Ongoing Support
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