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✔️ We include a Master Training and Education starter kit which includes your machine, tools, and chain link. Taught by a Female Certified Welder with 15 years of Experience in Welding.

✔️Christine is not only a welder but she is a trained welding inspector and welding educator certified by the American welding society.

✔️ We provide 20 feet of 14k Rose Gold, 14k gold filled & .925 Sterling Silver in your starter kit. We also include your necessary jump rings


✔️ We teach you Step-by Step how to use your machine & tool kit Safely and Properly, Along with importance of Argon Use.

✔️ We teach you how to actually set up and run your business to be Successful and to create an amazing customer experience right off the bat.

✔️ We teach you business skills such as pricing, and how to maximize profit margins.

✔️ You get access to marketing materials, our High Quality Training Manual, pictures, & videos)!

✔️ We provide ongoing live student training, how to do pop-up events, coaching calls, and more!




  • What is Permanent Jewelry?
    Permanent Jewelry is a (clasp-less) custom cut, hand welded piece of jewelry that you have personally designed on the spot for your client! It is a Painless process and takes less than 15 minutes to complete!
  • How does Permanent Jewelry work?
    Permanent Jewelry is applied with a welding machine which is specifically created for fragile metals. After the client has been sized for the appropriate amount of slack, the tungsten electrode then welds and fuses together a jump ring that replaces the need for a clasp (clasp-less jewelry).
  • Does it Hurt?
    Nope! Not At All! The spark that is generated during this process is NOT of high temperature, and the customer will not feel a thing as we are working with the metal. There is absolutely no risk to the customer since your machine will only react to the metal itself. Even if the customer's skin comes into contact with the weld point, the electrode will not generate a spark.
  • How Long is the Course?
    This class is Pre-Recorded Class, You can complete it in Hours or extend over multiple days- You can work at your own Pace!
  • Do I need a License to Provide Permanent Jewelry Services?
    Certainly not! That's the wonderful aspect of it. Whether you're a high school student diligently saving for college, a committed college student, a business owner with aspirations of increasing revenue, a loving mother yearning for more time with her children, or an enthusiastic entrepreneur, the world of permanent jewelry offers the potential to grant financial freedom. *Disclaimer: This information is not intended as legal advice. It is advisable to consult with local and state authorities before taking any action.
  • What if Ive Never Welded Before?
    Absolutely, this is not a problem whatsoever! Prior experience is not a prerequisite for gaining this skill. Our students receive comprehensive yet easily understandable instruction from a professional with multiple certifications in welding and education. You'll be proficient in welding in no time!
  • Do I Need To Open A Brick & Mortar?
    Absolutely not! This is another element that sets our service apart as exceptional. While we're thrilled to see our students establish physical stores, we also recognize the value of flexibility. Whether your goal is a classic brick-and-mortar store, a mobile trailer setup, or a unique pop-up business, we're here to offer expert guidance every step of the way in your entrepreneurial journey!
  • Will I have Lifetime Assistance Even After Training?
    Absolutely! Every Get Fused student enjoys lifelong support and access to the course. You'll have ongoing access to any improvements made to our training materials by Get Fused. Moreover, we encourage you to join our training community on Facebook, where you can access continuous updates, guidance, support, and inspiration – a truly invaluable resource in itself!
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